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Oil Creek Stream Report

Fly Fishing on Oil Creek


Oil Creek is a 46.7-mile tributary of the Allegheny River. Located in Crawford and Venango counties, Oil Creek is a medium-sized stream averaging 60-80 feet wide in many places. It has heavy hatches and lots of trout, with Oil Creek State Park bookended by two separate sections designated Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only, one of which is also managed as Keystone Select Trout.

Hatch Information

Oil Creek has numerous quality fly hatches. Below is a general list of what you can expect to find here:


Blue-Winged Olive, Blue Quill, Quill Gordon, Grannoms

May-early June

Tan Caddis, Gray Fox, March Browns, Sulphurs, Light Cahills


Yellow Drake, Trio, Slate Drake, White Mayfly

View Maps of Oil Creek State Park here.

Book about Fly Fishing on Oil Creek

Fly Fishing in the Oil Creek Region is available in print and digital formats.

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